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Did you know?

1 COOKINA = 30 rolls*

1 COOKINA sheet can replace up to 30 rolls
of  parchment or aluminum paper *(25 ft)


COOKINA is proud to guarantee that this product meets the highest quality standards.

compliant with FDA standards

FDA strives to promote the application of science-based food safety principles in retail and foodservice settings to minimize the incidence of foodborne illness.

tested and certified BPA-free

Often found in non-stick products, BPA's his a harmful chemical that cannot be found in any of our products.  

tested and certified PFOA-free

Often found in non-stick products, PFOA his a harmful chemical that cannot be found in any of our products.  

withstand temperatures up to 550 °F

COOKINA products are the only one certified to withstand barbecue temperatures up  to 550°F.    Watch out for imitations and copies!

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Ideal for BBQ grilling and steaming!

Ideal for the BBQ & smoker. Keeps you appliances new and clean. Easy lock to keep juices and flavour inside.

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100% Non-stick! Fat-free cooking. Alternative to aluminum foil. Ideal for grilling sticky marinated food. Reusable, reversible and easy to clean.

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