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Don't forget to get your hands on these exclusive packages from Costco, still available in warehouses and online.  If you already own the barbecue sheets, try out our barbecue PAKS that steam cooks your food faster and easier than aluminum foil! 

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To help you get more for your buck, we are automatically doubling  new seals that will be registered in August 2019*!  This is the perfect moment to be a part of our AKADEMIA! reward program and benefit from many privileges!

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One of the benefits of becoming an AKADEMIA! reward program member is that you automatically receive a free product upon the registration of your 6th valid seal!  To help you get there faster, we are doubling up to 3 new seal if they are registered in August 2019*!

Peel off the silver sticker on the package to reveal the unique security code underneath

Go at to register your product.

We will automatically add a PROMO seal to your file within 2 weeks from your registration*.
You can't find the silver sticker or the code left by peeling it?
Take a picture of the whole package or receipt and simply send it to with :
We will write you back with a seal to register your product which will be doubled shortly after automatically*!

COOKINA barbecue, a unique sheet for your barbecue needs!

Grill all types of food with an easier cleaning time by using our reusable barbecue sheets, 100% non-stick and tested for your own safety.

COOKINA PAKS barbecue, steam cook on your grill!

Steam your food faster than aluminum foil in PAKS that keeps all the flavor inside.  Easy clean, 100% non-stick and tested for your own safety.
*Up to 3 seals per profile can be automatically added during the promotion period from August 1st to August 31st 2019.  A picture is required to register a product if the package does not feature a security seal.  UPC codes cannot be used to register a product.  The register/active form must be filled when registering your first seal which can be found here.
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