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Product image 1Cherry pie dripping on COOKINA Gard sheet in oven
Product image 21 Reusable COOKINA GARD sheet box
Product image 34 laboratory tests for your safety - 550 °F certified, FDA compliant, No PFOA, BPA free
Product image 4100% Non-stick, Dishwasher safe
Product image 5Oignon soup dripping on COOKINA Gard in oven
Product image 6COOKINA GARD keeps your oven clean!

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Protects from spills !

  • Replaces aluminum foil effectively
  • Keeps your appliances clean
  • Use as directed (ProtectProtéger) below to avoid problems
  • Can be used in any oven type on the rack
  • Can be placed on the bottom of ovens with visible element
Care and use
  • Place on the bottom rack or the one you are using
  • Place on the bottom ONLY if you see an heating element there 
  • Use under 550°F and REMOVE when using auto cleaning
  • Cut the sheet to fit your needs if placed on the rack
  • Use the high broil for short periods only
  • Soak in warm soapy water to clean.  Also dishwasher safe
  • Can ONLY be used to ProtectProtéger, NOT for cooking.
  • No visible element = on the rack.
  • Visible element = on the rack or under the support
  • Microwave safe
  • Made from non-toxic materials 
Instruction booklet

  • Throw away the cleaners

    The protector does exactly as stated. It keeps the oven bottom clean. It wipes off easily and can even be immersed in the dishpan. I highly recommend this product. - Cynthia - N.S, Canada

  • So practical !

    Same for past 3 months, still as new. Avoids so much cleaning.  Very good product. - Lilimimi - Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada

  • The oven is clean

    The main benefit is in the name - the sheet protects your oven, is cleanable and re-usable.  Very pleasant to cook with the COOKINA in the oven - Mon123 - Gatineau, QC, Canada

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